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Are Bulldogs Dangerous? 8 Traits That Show Bulldogs Are Kind

The bulldogs of the past may have been pitted against bulls but the ones you find today are sweet, gentle, and family-oriented. 

So, are bulldogs dangerous? No, they aren’t on the list of dangerous dogs anymore. They are bred to have affection, kindness, a goofy nature, and endless love for life.

However, they have retained their past courage, bravery, and stubbornness. Given the circumstances, they can protect you with their lives. 

That’s a general answer, here are the traits that dig deeper into why they are not dangerous!

Are Bulldogs Dangerous? The 8 Traits

Here are some characteristics that make these dogs suitable for families.

1. Highly Affectionate With Their Families

Score: 5/5 

Dogtime places these dogs as one of the most affectionate breeds on the planet. They bond well with their owners and families at large. However, it’s not just the intrinsic quality that makes them well-suited for families but also the training that goes with it. 

But on any given day, bulldogs will never shy away from cozying with you on that loveseat, comforting you in your dark times, and liking the hell out of you when you’ve been away for long. 

2. Friendly With Strangers

Score: 5/5 

Beyond your family, bulldogs are found wagging their tails when a stranger comes knocking on your door. They are always eager to greet a human greeting you. 

However, that may not be the case with dogs that come along. Bulldogs do not do well with dogs, especially, when they have not been socialized well in puppyhood.

3. Playful Breed

Score: ⅘ 

Bulldogs retain some of their playfulness from their puppyhood into adulthood. They are goofy, slightly immature, and couch potatoes. Just the way they walk makes you want to eat them! 

They can be good playmates for other dogs and your kids. The energy levels aren’t that great, they love languishing on couches more than running around, but they still put in all their efforts to please you or the rest of the family. 

They are like a battery that doesn’t hold a lot of charges but will still power your day in bits. 

4.  They Love Nipping

Score: 5/5

One of the ways in which they show their love is by nipping and biting. I know that can be overwhelming sometimes but that’s just how bulldogs are. Finding the reasons for it is just wasting your time. 

To get rid of this behavior, you’ll have to spend considerable time because the breed isn’t as intelligent as other dogs. They find it hard to form associations between cues and rewards. 

But once they do, there’s no turning back. So, be patient and let their minds work. 

5. Low Prey Drive

Score: ⅖

Forget what bulldogs did in the past. That’s long gone. The bulldogs of today do not retain their bloody instincts. They have been bred and rebred to be strikingly gentler than their ancestors.

The main worry they retain is how they are personified because of their looks. A square head with drooping jaws, square muscles, and stuffy legs make them look like they’ll pounce on anyone approaching. 

Besides that, popular culture has a hand in vilifying these dogs for their strength and looks. 

None of what you see, hear or read about bulldog aggression has a place in truth. It’s that they could be aggressive if you ignore their training and do not socialize them well. But that’s true for all breeds there are! 

6. They Don’t Need A Lot Of Space

Score: 5/5

Some breeds show territorial aggression, which means they may snap at other dogs when they feel that their place in your house is threatened. That’s also one of the reasons why they are not suited to be kept in an apartment. 

Bulldogs are entirely opposite to this. They may only need your couch and that’s it. As Dogtime puts it well, the distance that they run the most is the length of your couch. That’s it. That’s the line.

7. They Are Good For Novice Owners

Score: ⅘ 

Not all breeds are suited for adoption if you’re a new owner. That’s because some single-minded breeds give first-time owners a hard time. They don’t listen, always test them, and try to get away at the earliest!

Bulldogs, on the other hand, are lenient. They will forgive your mistakes during training and try to please you all the while. 

However, that doesn’t mean that they can take anything from you. Sometimes they put a small reprimand to their hearts and whimper about it for a long time. You have to make it up to them on many levels. Treats do a great job!

8. Less Tolerant for Loneliness

Score: ⅗ 

The way bulldogs get attached to you is a marvel in itself. They aren’t as prone to separation anxiety as GSDs but they can get anxious when you leave them alone for long. 

You can guess their kindness and love from this. Any aggressive dog may be single-minded and aloof enough to not care about your absence. 

But bulldogs have a special place for you in their hearts. They will let you know it in all possible ways.

People Also Ask

Below are some important questions about Bulldog aggression.

Are Bulldogs As Aggressive As Pitbulls?

No, they are not as aggressive as Pitbulls. In fact, both breeds belong to the Bull breed, which means they used to fight bloody sports of corning a bull and killing it. It was called bull baiting. They were trained to be like that. However, today both these breeds don’t retain their ferocious selves of the past. They are boisterous, kind, and loving, thus, making them two of the most family-oriented breeds there are.

Are Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Yes, they are good with kids to the point that they pose as their nannies. They love playing with them but gently enough to not hurt them. Unlike most breeds, this one does not knock them over for the sake of their entertainment. According to vets, bulldogs are an easy pick for being one of the best family dogs for seasoned owners as well as novices. 

Final Thoughts

Bulldogs are not dangerous. Their appearance and the popular culture have vilified them to the point that now everyone considers them a threat to other dogs, people, and strangers.

That is far from the reality of bulldogs as an affectionate, family-oriented, stranger– and dog-friendly breed. But do socialize them right from their puppyhood as it depends on the individuality of a dog also along with its breed characteristics.

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