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How To Train A Poodle Not To Bite?

Last Updated/Info Checked on April 25, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Poodles are an affectionate breed with all-around friendliness towards kids, family members, strangers, and even stranger dogs. But one of its facets is biting. These dogs are mouthy.

Some would say that it’s because of feeling threatened. Others would cite other reasons. Gladly, there are ways in which you can control their biting.

Here’s how to train a poodle not to bite:

  • Introduce it to a shock collar
  • Stimulate when it starts biting
  • Feed treats when it stops
  • Repeat for a few days
  • Do not let it be collar smart
  • Take care of its physical and emotional health

6 Steps To Training A Poodle Not To Bite

Let’s help you get rid of that biting, shall we?

1. Invest in a shock collar and introduce it to the dog

Training collars have earned a bad name, but over the years of using them as a dog trainer, I have found them a useful tool. Now a tool could either be used to make a process easy by following its protocols. Diverge from that and you start misusing it for the worst.

Therefore, before buying a shock collar, ask yourself, will you be able to control your aggression and not use the tool to punish the dog?

The answer should be yes because you love your dog like we all love ours. Yes, there are other ways to stop the dog from biting but I find shock collars to be extremely effective and less time-consuming. They make the process of training easy even for a novice.

Make sure you read the manual well to educate yourself and then familiarize the dog with it.

  • Let the dog consider it as one of its things by introducing it slowly and gradually.
  • You can start by keeping it in your hands when you interact with the dog.
  • Let it sniff and for the first few days, you can let it wear for a few minutes without corrections to make it think that it’s one of the collars.
  • Increase the usage time with the dog until you and the dog are ready for the next step.

2. Stimulate when it starts biting

After educating yourself and getting the dog used to the device, start stimulating the dog when it starts biting. You should first use the beep and then vibration, followed by static shock if things don’t work. 

Make sure that you select the level of static stimulation on which the dog shows response such as looking perplexed, looking for the source of stimulation, and so on.

3. Feed treats when it stops

You have to use positive reinforcement with negative to make full use of the training technique I’m sharing. It goes by feeding the poodle its favorite treat when it stops barking after you have stimulated it with the shock collar.

However, remember that the right timing for both is extremely important. 

  • Stimulate the dog when it’s barking and stop when it stops.
  • Feed the treat right when it stops.

4. Rinse and repeat the process

Training a poodle is not a one-off process. It requires perseverance and dedication. If one thing is not working, you change the process but the goal remains the same: Training the dog to obey. Or in your case, stopping it from biting.

So, follow the process as I’m teaching and you should be good to go. Correct the dog’s behavior right when it bites and feed it the treat when it stops. Carry this one for a few days when you see an apparent change, which you’ll see for sure. Shock collars are built to give you excellent results.

5. Do not let it be collar smart

Poodles are intelligent enough to figure out from where the stimulations are coming or at least what’s causing them – the remote in your hand. I’ve met owners that complain about their dog becoming collar smart. That’s the term we use for dogs that stop doing the undesired action the moment you pick the remote but carry on at will when you don’t have it.

To stop that from happening, make sure you learn using the remote blindly. That will keep the dog guessing the origin of the stimulation and accept that biting is causing it.

6. Take care of its physical and emotional health

A dog’s physical and emotional well-being depends on how you correct it. Shock collars are potent enough to cause harm when you don’t use it as recommended. That’s the reason why I press on the first step before anything.

How to train a poodle not to bite? Conclusion

Training poodles not to bite is extremely easy with a shock collar. However, educate yourself with the possible harms that overuse or misuse could bring. Lastly, invest in a good training collar that I have reviewed on my website and follow the steps in this article. Good luck!

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