How To Stop Husky From Biting
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How To Stop Husky From Biting? 3 Reasons And 3 Remedies

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 20, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Many of the Husky owners that I have trained have one constant question, how to stop Husky from biting?

Huskies are an independent and free-spirited breed. Originally bred in Siberia as working sled dogs, Huskies are energetic and playful, they spend a lot of time in activities rather than just sitting around. 

Though loving and obedient, they sometimes revert to their original instincts of nibbling and biting. They would bite their owners, other small dogs at home, and even family members.

For this reason, Huskies become quite a difficult breed to pet and demand a proper understanding of their behavior and training to be able to conduct themselves in a non-harming way.

To stop a husky from biting, provide positive reinforcement opportunities, take the alpha role, or seek professional help to train your pup for obedience if it still bites.

How To Stop Husky From Biting? - Infographic

How To Make a Husky Stop Biting? Reasons And Remedies

If you own a Siberian Husky pup, there are some tips and tricks that could help avoid the behavior of biting your hands.

Even when a Husky has matured, it can be educated to change its behavior, all you need is proper information and some patience.


Here are some Husky characteristics to understand their behavior and training tips to stop them from biting.

1.  Mouthiness

Score: 4/5

Having to try each and everything by mouth via biting and nibbling is a genetic trait ingrained in almost all dog breeds. In some, it is more than the others.

Unfortunately, Huskies are born that way, their higher curiosity demands them to try new things and seek if they are objects of play, food, or something else. 

For this reason, you have to train a husky early on to be able to distinguish between a game and other objects.

Those pooches that are trained early about chewing or biting only food and game items are more likely to adapt to this behavior. Adult pooches may give you a tough time learning this behavior.

2. Playfulness

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As a remarkably outgoing breed, Huskies have a high energy level and tend to be playful.

Demanding a need to be dissipated, you have to use this energy in playful activities like running, fetching, and other sports.

Unless you do so, they will start using this energy together with their curiosity to bite things you don’t want them to and take it as sports.

With my Huskies, I had to make sure that they are getting the proper amount of exercise each day, as a result, they would be much calmer and more relaxed indoors.

3. Easy Training

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Being an utterly intelligent species, they are more independent and unfettered. This trait makes them quite resistant to training and behavior change.

Often they favor their innate reactions more than a command from their owners.

Huskies could be quite frustrating and troublesome for first-time owners that don’t know much about dog training.


You can use the following tips, as recommended by professional Husky trainers to keep them from biting.

1. Positive Reinforcement – Superb For Husky Puppy Biting

Whenever your Husky tries to bite, do not get scared away but be confident. You need to say no in a gentle yet affirming manner to let him know that it is an unwelcomed behavior.

But don’t just stop there, give your Husky a treat, it could be food or a chewing toy, so that it knows that there is a reward for obeying the command. 

This ingrains a positive reinforcement behavior where every time the dog wants to bite he would know that the alternative is more rewarding and also appreciated.

Naturally, the dog would be drawn to the more rewarding behavior and eventually stop biting.


2. Be The Leader

Huskies are dogs of a pack. Like with any other pack they tend to follow a leader that they perceive as an alpha male.

You need to replicate the same and establish yourself as the leader.

This can be achieved by confidence and strong body language. Do not be physically harsh to your pooch but demonstrate with your will that you will not give in to them.

Use hand gestures for saying no and a commanding voice that firmly establishes the rules.

Together with positive reinforcement, a strong, confident command can easily refrain a pooch from biting and nearly stop it completely in the end.

3. Professional Help

If you think your dog is so out of control that you can no longer train him and is becoming a danger for yourself or others then you must seek professional help.

Before jumping to the training school, watch the below video that shows one key trick the owner uses to stop his Husky from biting:

You can enroll your pooch in a training school that specializes in Husky behavior modification.

One thing to keep in mind is that Huskies are highly intelligent, too intelligent for even a school.

They tend to understand the difference between school and home, keeping a separate behavior profile in both.

It is also possible to train yourself to use gadgets like shock collars for training your husky.

However, seek a proper understanding of these devices before use so that you don’t end up harming your dog instead of fixing the behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me share some basic questions that will help you understand huskies’ behaviors.

Is biting normal for Huskies?

Yes, it is. 

Huskies were originally used to sled and hunt. They try to understand things using their mouth.

They have developed a liking to bite people, even their owners, not knowing well they could harm them.

Nonetheless, they can be trained with ease to stop this unwanted behavior.

Is owning a Husky difficult?

Being an independent and sharp-witted breed, Huskies need a trained owner. They tend to follow those masters that they think have leadership qualities and disobey the more timid ones.

Only a person who knows the ins and outs of having such a resilient dog with experience can manage to pet a Husky better.
Hence, they are not a good choice for novice owners.

How To Stop Husky From Biting – Wrapping Up

Biting and nibbling are quite common among Huskies. Although innocent at heart, they can scar their owners and others as well.

Understanding their behavior and using proper tools and tricks can make them more obedient and refrain from biting. 

Where confidence is the key, be patient, it takes time for dogs to change their innate behaviors and adapt to new ones.

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