Do Yorkies Bark A Lot
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Do Yorkies Bark A Lot? How To Stop Them?

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 24, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Yorkies do bark a lot because of high sensitivity to their surroundings, relentless energy levels, intolerance to loneliness, and lack of exercise.

They are defined by their bigger spirits and adventurous personalities.

With a tendency to bark a lot, they can sometimes become a nuisance for their owners and neighbors alike.

This behavior is not unique to Yorkies but is ingrained into a lot of dog breeds. With a proper understanding of this behavior and training, it can be aptly reduced.

Do Yorkies Bark A Lot? - Infographic

Following is the video compilation of cute Yorkies.

Why Do Yorkies Bark A Lot And How To Stop Them?

There is a reason for everything a dog does, and so is for barking. Some dogs bark when they are excited or hungry, others when they are in danger and many more for other reasons like barking at strangers or other dogs.

So barking should not be entirely prohibited as it is a part of a dog’s natural behavior and sometimes can be a call for attention

Here are the reasons why your Yorkie barks and how you can stop it from barking a lot.

1. Highly Sensitive

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Yorkies are highly sensitive to their surroundings. Both physical and emotional cues trigger their sensitivity. 

Any strange noise, movement, or even the mere presence of a stranger can make them nervous and they will start to bark.

2. High energy level

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With a considerably high energy level throughout the day, Yorkies tend to be dynamic and frisky.

They move around a lot and express their excitement. At times they would start barking just because they are happy and are being playful.

3. Not Fond Of Loneliness

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Yorkies live as close to their owners and their families as possible. They would follow them wherever they go.

Loneliness is not something they would tolerate. When left on their own, they become cranky and anxious. They would fidget and start barking or howling.

4. Moderately Friendly

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Being cute doesn’t necessarily equate to being friendly.

Yorkies are very xenophobic when it comes to interacting with others.

They do not tolerate the presence of strangers, be they humans or other dogs.

In such situations, Yorkies become aggressive toward outsiders and display their hostility by barking and howling at them.

How To Stop Yorkies from Barking Unnecessarily?

With this background knowledge, it is easy to stop a Yorkie from barking a lot by simple behavior-changing techniques.

How To Stop Yorkies from Barking Unnecessarily?

1. Regular Exercise

High-energy dogs demand that you exercise them regularly. Dissipating their energy allows them to stay calm and relax at home.

It keeps their mood in check and avoids excessive barking and howling.

This exercise can be in the form of walking, running or sports like fetching, anything your Yorkie is fond of. A Yorkie should be taken out for exercise at least once per day.

2. Positive Reinforcement

Command your dog to be quiet and every time it does so, reward him with a treat. It could be food time or a chewing toy, or anything your pooch likes.

Eventually, your dog will understand that a no-barking behavior is not just appreciated but is rewarding as well. As a result, it will stop barking and behave the way you like.

3. Make Them Adapt to external cues

You can curb your dog’s sensitivity toward environmental stimuli by exposing it to them gradually.

Just know the things your dog is sensitive to, things that make him anxious that it starts barking and start exposing the pooch to them. This could be a strange noise, new people, or other animals.

During this process, you need to be by their side and show them that it is completely safe for them. The reassuring presence of a known figure is very important in desensitization training.

Otherwise, the dog may become overly stressed and fearful.

4. Training Collars

It is never a shame to use correction devices on your dog. Many such devices can be used in very humane ways to correct your dog’s unwanted behavior.

An E-collar is best suited for this purpose. Either you can use an E-collar manually or use one with a bark-limiter feature.

Every time your dog barks, it sets into vibration which your dog senses and stops barking.

With time your dog will stop this behavior altogether as this sensation makes them uneasy.

5. Lemon Juice Technique

This is a technique I am not personally a fan of but it still works.

  • Mix lemon juice and water in a 50:50 proportion in a bottle, and shake it well.
  • Use a bottle with a spray cap or make some holes in the cap of a regular bottle.
  • Now every time your dog starts barking unnecessarily, you spray it on its face, this annoys your dog to the point that it would stop barking to avoid this sensation.
  • Alternatively, you can use diluted vinegar with water, the result is the same. Just make sure it is not too concentrated for your god to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions that I have received from readers and other trainers.

Are all Yorkies barkers?

Most of them are.Β 

Yorkies generally gravitate towards being energetic and bark a lot. However, it is not unnatural for a Yorkie to be calmer with little barking and howling habits.

Even if your Yorkie barks a lot, you can still train it towards a relaxed and calm behavior using simple tools and tricks.

Can you train Yorkies not to bark?

Yes, you can. Every dog that barks a lot or howls a lot can be trained not to.

For this, you can use techniques like positive reinforcement with treats, and regular exercise and can also take the help of gadgets like E-collars.

Are E-collars safe for my dog?

Shock collars or bark collars are designed to be used in a safe yet effective manner. Before using them, you must familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the device.

Also, Make sure you buy one from a recommended brand.

Do Yorkies Bark A Lot? Wrapping Up

Yorkshire Terriers are naturally inclined to barking. Although, one of the cutest dogs on the planet, their barking can make them a nuisance.

There are various reasons you need to understand why Yorkies bark. This helps eliminate such cues.

Additionally, Yorkies can be trained with the help of some techniques and tools to stop barking.

Remember, not all barking is bad, sometimes it’s a signal to let you know that your pooch is hungry or hurting or just wants to play with you.

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