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Are Corgis Lap Dogs? 7 Reasons That They Are Poor Lap Sitters

Last Updated/Info Checked on April 16, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Corgis, whether Pembroke or Cardigan, are the smallest of herding dogs and the 13th most popular dog breed in the United States. 

In that small size, however, the dog packs the energy of a TNT. It’s relentless, therefore, always on the run to “herd” things, including children, and for a fact, cuddling haters. 

And that should answer the question. 

I have a way of going in-depth, though.

So to answer if Corgis is a lap dog? No, they aren’t because they have strong herding instincts, lots of energy, hatred toward cuddling, more weight, high shedding, the ability to gain more weight, and barking problems.

Here are the reasons:

Are Corgis Lap Dogs - Infographic

7 Reasons That Corgis Are Not Lap Dogs

Let’s go!

1. Strong Herding Instincts 

Score: ⅘ 

Do not take their short legs for low speeds. These dogs can run a hearty marathon without tiring out a lot. 

No wonder they were excellent herders back in the day, only to be reduced to your couch now. 

But every now and then, they will find things to herd in case you’re not vigilant and active enough to walk them

Even when you tire them out, they seldom like to be seated on your lap rather than your cozy loveseat. 

2. Lots of Energy 

Score: ⅘ 

Herding dogs like hound dogs are supposed to run a lot because of their respective jobs. 

Their bones and muscles are built to carry them at enormous speeds and quick sprints. 

Reducing such dogs to your laps won’t be a good idea since they need to be on the move a lot. 

If I could put it in a better way, I’d ask you whether it is advisable to hold a pinless grenade in your lap. 

That grenade is Corgi. 

3. Hate Cuddling 

Score: ⅖ 

Attachment is one thing, clinging to the owners is entirely another thing. 

Hound dogs are clingy because their jobs demand do. They rely heavily on the cues of their alpha – you. 

On the contrary, herding dogs are okay with being assigned a special job and then left at it. 

They easily pick cues and stick to them without your frequent input. 

But even if you were to add that, they have the kind of intelligence to pick cues and add them to their software. 

Well, all dogs sometimes work as software – you add code to it and they respond (save Huskies, cough.)

The Corgis are one of those too. They do not steer away from the codes you teach them. 

But there’s a base code that they don’t let you violate – the herding code. 

Nope, there’s no way to swap that for the cuddling code. 

But considering this, are Corgis affectionate? In their normal “dog mode”, they are extremely affectionate despite their unlikelihood of cuddling for hours.

Are Corgis Lap Dogs

4. 30 lbs strong 

Score: ⅘ 

Chihuahuas reach approximately 6 lbs in their adulthood. Corgis, on the other hand, reach 30 lbs. 

Which one would be easy to hold or let on the lap?

Corgis, of course. 

No, kidding. Chihuahuas. Corgis are heavy. Casual unsolicited cuddles are okay but try letting them sit on your lap for a long and you’ll see what I mean. 

5. Sheds Like Crazy 

Score: 5/5 

Shedding is one of the major concerns with Corgis. They are double-coated, so you could guess how easily they’ll leave fur on your lap.

Good luck wearing anything black because the dog’s fur will adorn it with colors you may not want. 

You may find yourself vacuuming all that hair from your lap and torso like a maniac. 

6. Can Gain Weight 

Score: ⅘ 

No trainer or vet will advise you to keep your Corgi on your lap 24/7 without giving them ample exercise

These dogs are prone to wearing fat layers quite faster and easily. You have to keep them on the move to avoid weight-borne diseases like hip dysplasia. 

So, no lapping. 

7. Barking Machine 

Score: 5/5 

Corgis explode every now and then when the urge to herd things kicks in. 

They bark and howl to get their attention and assert themselves in whatever way possible. 

Besides that, strangers, other dogs, and kids could also trigger their bark switch if they think of them as threats to their job. 

These things aside, attention-seeking lists as the top reason for letting the bark mode lose.

You can stop the unnecessary barking of your Corgi by using bark collars.

Here’s a video that explains the techniques needed to get your dog to like cuddling!

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To understand Corgis’ behavior further, I’ve added the following questions for you.

Do Corgis Like To Cuddle? Are They Cuddly?

Their small demeanor betrays the energy levels brewing inside. Try containing a dog like that and you’ll have luck for a brief time. 
And that’s how things are with them. They will cuddle for only a few seconds before paddling their little legs to break away from your clutches. 

Are Corgis Clingy?

Corgis know for one whom to shower with endless love and that’s it. They love you but not to the point of being as clingy as Beagles. 
Being highly intelligent gives them the freedom they need to roam around and herd things small and big. 
But that doesn’t mean that the dogs are aloof like Huskies. Nay! They cannot leave the sight of you for an entire day! Just a few hours do. 

Can Cogies Be Left Alone?

They are adorable, and lovable, and return your compassion in full. However, as I said, they do not overdo that. 
You can train them easily to stay put without you for at least 8 hours. I do not recommend going more than this. 
Otherwise, you may have to deal with a Corgi “herding” your couch. 

Are Corgis Lap Dogs? Conclusion 

We should strictly say now that Corgis are not lapdogs. 

They are feisty little creatures with a tendency to run away from your clutches whenever you try to hold them. 

They hate cuddling and that’s the plain truth, so avoid forcing them into a huge or on your lap because that may put the dog through stress. 

Also, try to be mindful of their behavior. On occasions when their cuddling goes beyond what they are capable of, do check its health. 

A dog that goes to either the extreme of being a good dog or a devil all of a sudden should raise concerns. 

Explore the Lap Day Calculator with your dog.

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