Are Rottweilers Good For First-Time Owners
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Are Rottweilers Good For First-Time Owners? 6 Trainer-Backed Reasons

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With Rottweilers, it’s all thoughtful and professional training that brings out the best of their abilities.

Otherwise, things can go south for the owner.

So, should I get a Rottweiler?

The reason I shared is not the only one why owning a Rottweiler as a first-time owner is a miscalculation. 

Rottweilers are not good for first-time owners because they are highly vigilant and playful to the point of going rogue, they need mental stimulation all the time, they bark a lot, and they are mouthy.

Generally, we can divide the dog breeds into best and worst for first-time owners on the basis of their behaviors. Easy-going dogs are considered best for novice owners like Labrador retrievers, Poodles, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Corgis, Yorkshire terriers, etc.

While dogs like Akitas, Alaskan Malamute, Bloodhounds, German Shepherds, Dalmatians, Rottweilers, Siberian Husky, Dobermans, and Beagles are not highly recommended for first-time owners. 

Are Rottweilers Good For First-Time Owners?

6 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Rottweilers For First-Timers 

Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. They Are Highly Vigilant – Rottweiler Protection

Vigilance Score: ⅘ 

As told above, Rottweilers were bred to keep an eye on the strangers passing by or the treats that could possibly take away their jobs.

It’s in their genes to be aggressive towards threats, therefore. 

During my time with this breed, I understood one thing for sure: Give them a job or they will find their own. When they do, you won’t like that job at all. 

So, as Rottweiler’s first-time owner, containing this behavior may take time and effort.

If not done well, the dog could adopt habits that could make its vigilance trigger the unruly demon inside it. 

2. Mental Stimulation Is A Must 

Mental Stimulation Score: 5/5 

I have trained Dobermans and German Shepherds among other dogs that need high stimulation levels.

None has taken the lead from rottweilers. They need stimulation at all times as if their energy reserves don’t finish at all.

You must understand that you shouldn’t own the dog to get it straight on your lap.

When trained well, rottweilers could prove worthy toys but there are many intermediate steps in between.

To reach that level, you’ll have to keep the dog engaged, even if that means letting it guard a sofa. 

3. They Are Highly Playful

Playfulness: ⅘ 

Everything and anything the breed possesses is linked to their energy and power.

Consider them as 100 lbs of meat pouncing with untapped energy.

As a first-time owner, ask yourself if you’ll be able to contain their playful nature at all. 

Better yet, ask yourself if you’ll be able to help them release their pent-up energies.

Before answering, mind you that their energy reserves need to be replenished soon and that doesn’t take much time. 

4. Strangers And Barking

Openness to strangers:  ⅗ 

A rottweiler reduced to his kennel outside your house to guard the door will develop a dire need to bite every stranger that crosses the threshold. 

In this trait, there’s a balance.

Well-trained puppies or adults (which take much time) will be at first cautious to meet anyone.

But once they are made familiar, they’ll be their best friends for life. 

As opposed to that, when you go back to the kennel rottweiler with no one to meet, you can understand how reserved it could become.

First-time owners wouldn’t stand a chance to correct his behavior. 

5. Other Dogs Could Get Hurt 

Adaptability with other dogs: ⅗ 

It’s crucial to let the dog mingle with other breeds before you’re confident that it won’t hurt them.

This trait, too, hangs in balance. At our facility, we would take due care of doing that only when the dog was on a leash. 

At first, it would bark its heart out, but constant prodding with treats and meetups did the work.

New owners may not be able to provide this opportunity to the dog.

I have had experiences with owners who would take their dogs straight for a walk and end up hurting other dogs.

Let’s be honest, you may not be able to hold back an untrained rottweiler from tearing away from the leash. 

6. Family Love – Are Rottweilers Family Dogs?

Loving family: 5/5

The alarm bells should be resounded here as well because any trait that’s 5/5 could easily become ⅕ if the training doesn’t go well.

They have an intrinsic behavior of being the heart of the family. However, neglect and mismanagement could lead such a breed to go berserk on its owner.

Many owners came to me with their rottweilers and complaints of nipping and biting.

I don’t blame the dogs at all but the owners for letting that happen in the first place.

Yes, I forgot to mention intensive pulling on the leash. 

The negative commotion with its owners does arise because this breed has a good mind to do things at will despite their loyalty.

Deny them the things they wanna do like eating your dinner and you could end up in a hospital tending to the scratches.

People Also Ask

Answering some common questions that people ask me most of the time about rottweiler behaviors.

Do Rottweilers Bark?

Only when they see a threat. Untrained dogs could consider anything moving a threat and that could follow incessant barking enough to tear away your eardrums. 

Is It Better To Get A Male Or Female Rottweiler?

Get a female rottweiler if you don’t want a lot of trouble. They have motherly instincts, so you should expect them to be easier to house-train. At the same time, if you fail to train them well, they could prove to be a menace as much as a male rottweiler.

Still, Wanna Get a Rottweiler? Here’s What You Should Do

All the admonitions haven’t kept you apart, it seems. Don’t worry, you could still get a rottweiler if you’re ready to commit to prolonged training sessions, investments in shock or prong collars, or hiring trainers. 

Puppies are easily trained, so if you still wanna go for the breed, own a puppy but please train it properly. You’ll commit to a lot when you do so. Listen to yourself, if you could easily honor that commitment, go for it. 

As for training the new pup, watch this video to get some valid information:

Are Rottweilers Good First Dogs? Wrapping Up

Are Rottweilers Good For First-Time Owners? 6 Trainer-Backed Reasons

No, they are not good for first-time owners.

However, those include people who are not aware of training such a vigilant, hyperactive, and reactive breed.

As an enthusiast, their love could still make you want them.

Therefore, understand that it’s a commitment and you’ll have to invest in training them a lot.

You could potentially get frustrated in the meantime, but that depends on how committed you are.

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