How To Tire Out A Puppy
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10 Effective Ways How To Tire Out A Puppy

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 17, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Ever owned a restless pup that you wish for once that it would go to sleep? Or a puppy that is always up and about without having any rest and consequently so do you. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

All dogs feel tired and all dogs need rest, you just need to know the right ways to make them so. 

While some dogs have higher exercise demands owing to bigger energy potential, others get tired pretty easily. You have to keep your pup’s baseline energy demands in mind before trying to tire him out because you might overdo it.

To tire out a puppy, play hide and seek, fetch, try obstacle courses, provide chew toys, mental exercises, smell exercises, invite dog playmates, take your dog on a hill climb, or play tug of war.

10 Effective Ways About How To Wear Out A Puppy Through Fun And Games

Here is a list of all the exciting ways in which you can tire your dog. Remember, pups can get tired and sleep for a long time of both physical and mental activities that you lay out for them.

Now let’s take a detailed look.

1. Hide and Seek

The beauty of this game lies in its ease of play and It is even more fun to play inside than outsides.

Although your pooch will be naturally good at seeking but hiding is something you might need to teach him. A couple of good practices and you’ll be good to go.

Hide and seek is a fun and engaging activity, it will tire your dog while keeping him cheerful.

2. Obstacle course

I used to have a small obstacle course for my Huskies in our backyard and they’d love it. You can have your own in a very basic way as well.

Things like tires and hoops are excellent for jumping through, you can have makeshift tunnels of cardboard and plastic. With time you’ll learn how to make the obstacle course more interesting and challenging for your pup.

You can keep treats at the end of the course, which will provide your pup with a sense of achievement and it will want to do it regularly.

3. Fetch

You throw something and your pup brings it back, simple? Well, Fetch is a basic sport that all dogs adore. They will happily want to play fetch with you almost anytime.

Ideally, take a frisbee or a ball, You can also have any improvised object but nothing too hard to grasp or too heavy to bring back. 

You can try playing in different locations too, all at your ease.

While most of the time it is better to play Fetch in an open environment, better in a field or park but when you can’t go out, you can still have a go at it inside. An open hallway or any larger space will do, nothing with many delicate things that a dog can break.

This will not give you two a great time to bond and enjoy but also will tire your pup. Returning from a good game of Fetch, your pup will relax and sleep quite instantly.

4. Wrestle

Roughhousing in the form of grappling, jumping, and pushing always gets a dog cheerful.

Don’t overdo it, just keep it natural and use a command to end it so that your pup knows who’s in charge so it learns inhibition as well.

I used to have the command ‘’that’s it’’ and my pups would stop, you can use something like that as well.

5. Nose work

I particularly love this game as it has a hint of being a detective in it. Also, it is both physically and mentally engaging.

You have to train your dog on searching commands at first. Once trained, the rest is pretty much a dog’s instinct. 

Hide treats and toys and make your dog search and find them. You can play these games at home or even outside. With time try to up the difficulty level and keep your pooch engaged.

6. Chew toy

Chewing toys are not only good at keeping your dog active but also they divert their attention from many valuable things you do not want your dog to chew at.

Moreover, some chewing toys are designed in a way that scrapes off material from dogs’ teeth, keeping them healthy and clean.

7. Mental Exercises

As stated before, mental exercises are as effective at draining the energy of your dog as physical ones.

For starters, you can use ‘food-dispensing toys’. Such toys have treats inside and need to be displaced around to release them. You can buy these from any pet store or even make your own using plastic bottles etc.

Then you have ‘dog puzzles’. These are toys that your dog needs to get in a particular configuration by sliding blocks or matching shapes and they will release treats. It keeps the dog mentally engaged and the rewards are always cheerful.

You can try all sorts of mental games with your dogs. These are easily available at pet stores and eventually, you’ll learn what games suit your dog the most. And that could be one of the ways how to tire out a puppy indoors. 

8. How To Tire A Dog Out Without Walking? Dog Playmates

You can socialize your dog with others as well. Puppies who play together tend to see each other as comrades and playmates.

Some dog breeds love racing, you can make them play lure or have them go through obstacle courses together. 

Just keep an eye, give them some toys and they will come up with their version of games. You may not even need to guide them in games all the time.

9. Hill Climbing

You can play fetch, race with your dog or just watch them go up and down a sloping area.

Having a dog run on a hill or playing different games on a slope adds an extra trick to the exercise and this tires them quickly.

You can even race your pup up and down stairs, just make sure they are safe to do so.

10. Tug Of War

These cute little creatures are not the best opponents at tug of war but you can never underestimate them.

Dogs tug through their mouth, always taking a soft material that can be easily grasped without hurting. Usually, cloth would do. 

You can play tug with your pooch or even have them play against other dogs. It’s a simple and convenient sport that will surely get them tired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the faqs received from dog owners in my live sessions.

How do you tire out a puppy without walking?

Play mind games like puzzles or indoor games like hide & seek and nose work. These will tire your dog without the need for walking.

Does chewing tire puppies out?

Yes, chewing does tire puppies. Also, some chew toys are designed to keep their teeth clean and healthy as well.

How To Tire Out A Puppy – Conclusion

Dogs will need some kind of activity to get them tired. Mere walking around the house will do them no good.

You need to make sure such activities are stimulating both mentally and physically. 

Have them play different games alternatively to have that element of novelty.

Dogs that tire themselves through sports and puzzles are more relaxed and get better sleep. Also, these activities bond you and your pup and create a sense of love and togetherness.

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