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9 Military-Grade Best Collars For Belgian Malinois in 2023

Often mistaken for German Shepherds, the Belgian Malinois is a different breed with a different temperament altogether. Yes, GSDs are energetic dogs, but multiply their energies by 10 and you get Malinois. 

Therefore, controlling the breed takes more than restraining or obedience training. It requires military-grade products. Since you’re searching for the best collar for your Belgian Malinois, I have curated a list that contains all of those. 

During my time with this breed, using these collars felt like the only solution. Using their velcro tags to handle them well when a guest arrived or helping my clients choose one that didn’t get stuck in door knobs wasn’t so hard after that.

But some owners wanted collars that were light, reflective, and for once, not wide enough to potentially choke their dogs (they don’t, by the way).

I have also included the collars I recommended to them. Feel free to choose those or the tough ones. 

List of 9 Best Collars for Belgian Malinois

Here’s the list!

1. Miles Tactical – Best Collar for Belgian Malinois

The Miles Tactical Collar retains the characteristics of a military-grade device of control for your Belgian Malinois. It’s sturdy, made for good grip, and above all, it stays anew for a long time.

The name “military” should not startle you because the dog you own requires things of that strength. You may think that the strap is too thick to potentially choke the dog, but that’s all wrong.

A strap of this size only benefits owners like you because you’re able to get a hold of its big and strong neck.

My time training Malinois was marred by devising techniques that could lead to better recall. You know how this breed turns on its head when working.

Herding is its number one occupation, so anything that stops it from that will have to be stronger.

I don’t say this collar stops it in any way. I also don’t recommend doing that for the sake of the dog’s mental health.

However, every now and then, you’ll have to get a hold of him, especially when another dog’s trying to be a piece of him. 

For that, the collar has an integrated control handle. Pull on it and you’ll have the dog obeying you in minutes.

Also, don’t worry about it pulling on the collar because it’s made with a material that stays intact even at a 6000 lbs pull. That’s insane and it means one thing: You’ll have this collar for a long time until your dog grows out of it.

Secondly, the cobra buckle is a lifesaver. It’s not the usual run-of-the-mill snap-on buckle that does not withstand the pull of a strong dedicated dog. 

Lastly, the collar has velcro for all kinds of velcro accessories. I have tested it in the rain, mud, water, and whatnot, and it stays intact and does not let go of the tags you attach to them.

  • Military-grade tough material 
  • Easy to control a dog with the back handle
  • Sturdy enough to withstand anything
  • Highly adjustable
  • No padding, but there won’t be any because it’s a tough collar made for tough dogs.

2. M1-K9 – Dog Collar for Belgian Malinois

What’s better than just a collar? A collar with a leash and a pouch. That’s what you’re getting with the M1-K9. But why isn’t it on the first slot, you ask? The reason for that is none in the list can beat the sturdiness of the Miles Tactical collar I reviewed above. 

That’s not to say that the collar is useless. In fact, it’s also mil-grade with strength preceding any normal collar you see.

I have had an absolute blast with this one. Not only Malinois, but Pit Bulls, GSDs, and other heavy-duty dogs were unable to reduce it to shreds when given the chance. 

The same is true for the leash.

All that aside, the main highlight here is the storage pouch for treats and other stuff. I haven’t seen it get ripped off the collar by a highly active dog. Plus, it’s removable, so you can always use just the collar and leash. 

Just like Miles Tactical Collar, this one is also wide enough to cover a greater surface area of a working dog’s neck. This allows you to get better control and keep the dog within its limits when leash walking. 

One thing that it misses is the back control handle. The D ring is also quite roomy for the leash. You’ll feel that it slides too often making metallic sounds.

Despite that, the ring works great. During my use, I haven’t encountered a single time when it broke off.

The second con is the absence of a velcro strip or any viable mechanism for tag attachment. 

However, one thing is for sure, this collar will serve you well in using positive reinforcement. The dog will ultimately notice that the pouch on the collar is where the treats are coming from, so let’s be a good boy and keep them coming.

  • Mil-grade material sturdy enough to withstand a tough working dog’s routine
  • The pouch makes positive reinforcement easy.
  • The leash isn’t stretchable, which helps in instant control.
  • D-ring works great
  • No velcro for tag attachment

3. OEBEESA Tactical Dog Collar Adjustable Military Collar

With Oebeesa, you get a storage bag attachment point, a D-ring for airtags, a leash attachment point, and a huge back handle that has more room for keeping your dog under control during walks. 

While the collar holds a lot of character, it’s the leash that’s super impressive. You’ll find a few leashes with as many features as this one.

There’s a handle on it a little farther than the leash attachment hook. It serves to let you get a hold of the dog if it’s pulling too much on the leash.

The story doesn’t end here. The leash even has a buckle for the seat belt mount. I mean this is crazy. I have seen many leashes but this feature alone takes each one of them by storm.

It has more. Compared to M1-K9, you can attach the treat pouch to a buckle situated right below where you hold the leash.

This keeps them away from the dog and equally gives a ripe opportunity for you to try positive reinforcement just like M1-K9. 

The collar also comes with velcro tags, which means you can attach them.

If you were to ask why you should buy this, I’d say, buy it for the multi-purpose feature-packed leash and a roomy back handle.

  • Dual handles give more control over the dog
  • The leash allows you to tether your dog in the car.
  • 360-degree attachment buckle won’t allow the leash to get stuck
  • More comfortable than the previous two products
  • Velcro hold for sizing

4. OneTigris Tactical – Belgian Malinois Collar

The OneTigris is completely different from the collars you’ve read about so far. It’s more of a scarf that does the job of a collar efficiently enough to stop you from buying any other.

I love how the velcro patch to the front adds not only character to the product but also gives you the freedom to attach velcro accessories.

Besides that bandana-type nook pointing downwards, there’s not much to its design except for the fact that the fabric itself is breathable. 

You got that right. Your dog’s fur will not experience a damp environment during summers and the inflow of air will stop oil from building up in the wrong place. The result will be less to no hair fall because of the collar. 

The collar doesn’t have a cobra buckle, which is an invidious reservation if you ask me, but the one with the collar comes with dual holes. This is a guarantee of staying in its place when your Belgian Malinois becomes unruly or too eager to “herd” things.

Talking about pulling, the collar does great in not choking your dog because of its sheer surface area.

There’s a back handle and pulling on that to control the dog won’t pose dangers to the trachea. The collar holds its shape well; this is another feature that saves your pooch from choking.

  • Reduces choking incidence 
  • Dual hole buckle ensures strength
  • Velcro patch works great
  • Padded
  • The D-ring is placed a bit oddly

5. Made to ROAM Premium Malinois Collar

Roam is a collar made for usual walks and instances where you show your dog’s brand ensemble. It has a beautiful logo and the fact that it comes in different widths gives you the freedom of choice.

Normally, however, we trainers recommend that the breed wears a wide collar to keep its hair from falling but most of all, to keep the dog under control.

No matter which size you order, you’ll get Roam’s signature multi-layered nylon that’s well-suited to withstand a range of weathers without giving in. Most users I have come across say that it doesn’t fray even after one year of use.

The collar has the usual shenanigans of a premium product. The necessities are there: A large D-ring for leash attachment, a smaller one for dog tags, and a cobra buckle-ish metal clasp.

Unlike the ones I reviewed above, Roam could be called a basic product meant for owners who don’t want a lot of complexities. The usage is fairly simple and the collar is durable.

Belgian Malinois is an easily trained breed. The owners looking for such a simple collar also want it because their dog is mostly indoors, although that’s not recommended for long because no matter how lovey-dovey it can get, it still needs a wider playground to let all that energy loose.

When you don’t give them that, they could turn into unruly beasts ripping off their friends’ collars. This is from one of my experiences with a Malinois pup and a Husky. 

So, if you’re one of them, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, we have Oebeesa Tactical Collar from above with its multi-purpose leash and whatnot. 

  • Durable nylon
  • Superb looks
  • Roomy D-ring for the leash
  • Does not give away easily to a dog’s jaws
  • Stiff but built to last for sure
  • No control handle


Using Excellent Elite for a 60 lbs Malinois who had outgrown his previous collar was the best decision.

None of his previous collars or the fancy ones I’d get for him would stay in one piece and somehow, at the end of the week, this one would still find itself back on his neck.

Elite, as you might have guessed, was the single collar that went on with him for at least 2 years.

Besides its mil-grade nylon (we’re back at those), the collar features specifications that will make both of your lives easier. 

One may think it retains some of them from the Miles Tactical collar and other mil-grade necklaces out there. That’s true to some extent, but the dedicated handle sticker at the back takes it a little farther up the edge.

When not in use, you can tie up the handle instead of letting it stick out. This could be a blessing for a super active dog as it won’t get stuck in shrubs or other things while running wild or exploring.

Here, too, you’re getting a spacious D-ring for the leash where it does not get stuck. The smaller one for tags is missing but there’s a magic sticker or velcro to get that done for you. An “emotional support” tag comes with the pack already.

The collar is a little stuffed for added comfort but at the same time, it’s a little heavy. The fact also remains that I didn’t see a single Malinois complain about it.

  • Strong and thus, long-lasting
  • The velcro attachment of the handle saves the dog from getting stuck somewhere.
  • Spacious D-ring does not allow the leash to get stuck
  • 2-layers nylon does not fray easily
  • The velcro becomes loose with time.

7. Yunlep – Adjustable Shock Collar for Belgian Malinois

The Yunlep collar is more or less the same as other tactile collars that I reviewed here. It beats the rest in comfort, however. The nylon strap is padded to the point that it makes it heavy.

I’m not saying your dog will reject it. In fact, it’s thick enough to go easy on its neck. I highly recommend the product for owners who are tired of their dogs’ frequent rejections of other collars. I’m sure they won’t reject this one.

It has all the features you could ask for in a mil-grade collar. I believe it takes those to a whole new level because the Cobra buckle you see here is bulkier, and thus, sturdier.

Using it for a serious puller would bear fruit because the buckle stays infinitely intact unless you snap it off.

There’s a back handle to control your dog in situations where it wants to jump on people, charge at strange dogs, or do other dog things you don’t want it to.

Unlike other handles you saw so far, this one is rounded. This shape has benefits for greater grip on the handle and also less area to get stuck in any door knob or gate handle. 

You also get a velcro attachment to secure it in place. When that’s done, you won’t find extra edges sprouting away from the sides just because of its design. That’s exactly why it beats the previous one, Elite, at its game.

There’s a huge D-ring available to the side of the handle but for some owners, that may be a bizarre place for it to be. But since it’s one of the collars with a velcro strip, you can’t ask for more. 

  • Handle shape does not let it get stuck somewhere
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • The buckle is better.
  • The Velcro strip stays tough throughout.
  • Smooth edges do not hurt the dog.
  • Padding makes it heavier

8. CollarDirect Reflective Dog Collar

As the name suggests, the CollarDirect is a reflective collar meant to keep your Belgian Malinois safe during the night. 

The collar gives freedom to night strollers, not to mention safety. Any dog wearing it is spottable from a distance. But for that, you’ll have to shine some light on the collar since it doesn’t illuminate on its own. 

Reflection aside, the collar is a sturdy product but not as much as the ones I already reviewed. This isn’t military-grade. 

However, in all fairness, the nylon used on the collar is still multi-layered. It offers at least some resistance to a Malinois pulling, but if you have a serious puller, I suggest you consider the rest of the collars here.

This one is also fairly simple in features. With a snap-on plastic buckle, you get a D-ring, and that’s it. There’s nothing out of the ordinary with the collar. 

Simplicity gives it a definite character. You sure get plenty of colors for the dog. With that, it’s lightweight and that should address your concerns about heavy collars. 

The collar is also thin, which should also reduce your worry about choking the dog.

So far, the CollarDirect offers simple aspects of a simple collar meant for owners who take their dogs for strolls in the dark. 

  • Reflective surface works great
  • Cheap
  • Perfect for a Malinois who doesn’t like big collars
  • Available in many colors
  • No place for tags

9. VIZPET LED Dog Collar for Malinois

If reflective collars are inefficient when the dog ventures out for greater distances, they have a replacement. You get Vizpet, an LED collar that comes with a charging cable.

The LED strip goes around the whole collar and not just one place. This not only gives the dog an eerie character but also helps you to find it easily. You won’t have to shine any sort of light on the dog to see where it is. The light will tell you itself.

You can charge it from any outlet, be it a laptop, a power bank, or the good ol’ socket.

As for a single charge’s time, it lasts for at least a week. You won’t have to go and put it on charge right from the middle of your fireside gathering. You also won’t have to worry if some liquid spilled on the collar because it’s waterproof.

However, make sure your dog’s calm and you only use the collar for its illumination because one, it’s certainly not as strong as a military-grade collar, and two, a Belgian Malinois could rip it apart any time. 

So, make sure you use the collar in your supervision and use some positive reinforcement to get the dog to like the collar.

Besides lighting, you don’t get a lot of features. There’s a D-ring for leash attachment but no velcro strap or smaller d-rings for tag attachment. 

  • A single charge lasts for a long time
  • The LED strip surrounds the whole collar.
  • Battery placement is not invasive
  • Easily adjustable
  • Quick charging
  • No-tag attachment location is available

The Winner

So that was the list of Best Collars for Belgian Malinois. I hope you’ve made your pick by now.

If not, I highly recommend that you go for Miles Tactical Cobra Buckle Dog Collar for its heavy-duty material and effectiveness that does not give away even after one year of use.

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